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Tuition and Fees

Tuition is NON - REFUNDABLE and due by the 10th of the month after that a late fee of $5.00 will added. If tuition is not paid two months in a row the dancer will have to sit out of class. Upon registration you are agreeing to pay for the entire dance year of all classes held from September through recital. The calendar in each month varies depending on which day you have class on. Some months have three classes, some months have four or five. Since this averages out during the year, there is no prorating of tuition.


Everyone must have a valid form of payment in the system before your registration is complete; ie. credit/debit card/checking account for auto draft. All accounts that are past due will run on the 25th of the month. No exceptions. If you need to pay with cash, or check you will be required, to make monthly payments grouped two months at a time. September/ June, October/November, December/January, February/March, April/May. Cash, or check payments must be approved by Ms. Amber or Ms. LaDonna. 

Our annual NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee is 
*$30 for dancers
*$35 for families 
and must be paid in full prior to the commencement of classes. Make sure you get your payment in via Credit Card, Cash or Pay Pal as failure to pay your registration fee in time may result in losing your place in the class.

Our annual NON-REFUNDABLE recital fee is 
$25 for dancers

$35 for families

  and is due March 1st in order to participate in recital.

Registration fees will go up $5 per month until February and Recital fee will be $45 if enrolling after December.

Adult, and male dancers are half price on tuition. Family discount is 10% off each additional dancer. 

Fees are per month:

• 30 min - $45

• 45 min - $47

• 1 hr - $50

• 1 hr 15 min - $52

• 1 1/2 hrs - $55

• 1 hr 45 min - $58

• 2 hrs - $62

• 2 hr 15 min - $64

• 2 1/2 hrs - $67

• 2 hr 45 min - $69

• 3 hrs - $70

• 3 hrs 15 min - $72

• 3 1/2 hrs - $74

• 3 hrs 45 min - $76

• Anything 4 hrs & over is a flat fee of $79

Monthly Inclusive Company Fees- Approximately:

Petite: $150-175 

Junior, Teen and Senior: $200-250

Costumes are NON-REFUNDABLE: Costumes are $65 and up per costume, unless noted and two in one costumes are discounted. Company costume fees starting at $75 and up and will vary.

Costume Deposit and payments are due: September(deposit), October, November, any balance is due in December. All costumes must be paid in full before costume is given to the dancer. If you need extra time paying off costume fees please speak to our office manager, Amber, or Ms. LaDonna.

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