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Attitudes Dance Co. teaches the art of dance, while instilling values that will carry on through a lifetime.  Our company focuses on performance, confidence, attitude, and works one on one with their members to give them the best experience possible for succeeding as a recreational competitive dancer.  Located and performing around in Fort Smith,  Attitudes is your River Valley's dance company.  Beginner and seasoned students welcome! Company members are required to take classes as well as attend extra rehearsals during the week, and sometimes on weekends. We attend two to three competitions in the Spring, which are required to remain as a company member. More detailed is available upon request.

2023-24 Company Members

Seniors: Caroline Eckelhoff, Kyleigh Fairfield, Ella Ford, Abby Williams 

Teens: Allison Cates, Lucy Eckelhoff, Loren Foster, Naya Rivera, Dylan Smith

Click the file above for 2023-2024 company information

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